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CACLK3W 4/4 Cello Case (fits Montagnana Pattern)

CACLK3W 4/4 Cello Case (fits Montagnana Pattern)


A favorite of the aerospace industry, carbon fiber is stronger than steel, yet 5x lighter. Its high strength-to-weight ratio makes the strongest and lightest cases on the market.

  • Type:Case
  • Shape:Contoured
  • Style:Hill-style
  • Available Sizes:4/4
  • Weight:7.1 lbs
  • Finish:Woven High-gloss
  • Colors:Burgundy, Navy, Titanium
  • Features:Coated Carbon Fiber, wheels, buckle latches, 2 exterior handles, 2 bow holders, accessory pouch, backpack straps
  • Hygrometer:Yes
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